Amber Finley

It can often be so much fun abusing a guy for my entertainment.  Nothing is more amusing than blackmail, as I can watch them squirm under the pressure.

It might start off easy enough, as I am the mistress at getting a man to want me.  When I am finished with them, they certainly know how to please a woman in so many different ways.

So I love to make sure that a guy feels relaxed, is begging for more and more from me.

To be fair, after a while, I kind of get bored of their wanting me. There are way too many guys in the world to settle for just one.

Finding a guy who is vulnerable to my charms is fun, but finding one that is married or has a girlfriend is more satisfying.  Not only do you not have to worry about him getting too attached, but there are other advantages too.  For instance, when I am bored of his cock and tongue, I can amuse myself with blackmailing his cheating fucking ass.  I wonder what his wife/girlfriend would think about those hot pics or videos that we took together.

It makes sense to take pictures, and no one ever thinks anything of it.

How often do you find yourself out and having your picture taken.  When drink or weed is involved, inhibitions are so much lower.  Snap, snap, snap of the camera and lots of sexy videos.

You can imagine it right?  My hot, wet, pussy getting a pounded by that stud of a man.  Feeling him stretch me out, and while I cum, looking at the camera knowing he is giving me bullets to fire for later.

From fucking me hard and shouting my name, to parting with his money to pay for my manicures or my new cell phone.  Beautiful jewelry and plenty of girly trips.

The things I can get a man to pay for through fear is pretty impressive.

What you have to appreciate, is that I will find a way to get your wife or girlfriend’s name.  Plus on so many people’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram etc, people will put their personal information.  You know I am telling you the truth.  It might be their cell phone number or their email.

Now, this is what I use to abuse the ex man in my life, who could soon find themselves also without their wife and girlfriend.  You know the fear of losing their car and house will make them much more bendable to my needs.

Just the thought of the exposure that is being threatened at my hands can be quite intense.

I will post those pics of you getting your cock sucked, those videos of you getting your ass pegged by me.  All the people that are on social media being able to see your infidelity, and all the while I will be laughing.

The fear of me sending your other half a hot confession email from myself, telling her what we did.  I would make sure to tell her that your cock is crap and that she deserves so much better.

You might think me a homewrecking bitch, but you wanted my pussy and tits and now you are paying the price.

Does the danger thrill you?  Does it make you hard wanting to be exposed for my pleasure and amusement?  You play with me, and you will find yourself completely at my mercy.  If you want to know more, you know where to find me.

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