Amber Finley

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was not your doing, but somehow you are the one being dominated and punished?

For instance, I was enjoying a relaxing evening out with some girlfriends of mine.  The evening was great, with lots of drinks, dancing, flirting, the usual thing.  There was no indication at all that the evening would take a turn and I would find myself being dominated and punished.

It started out with us ladies dancing and swaying our bodies to the rhythm of the music. While dancing, I ran my fingers through my hair, closing my eyes and let the heavenly music move my hips.

Meanwhile, the guys in the room were taking in our bodies and enjoying the view very much.  A guy in the corner of the room made wolf whistles and shouted over about us wanting a man to take care of us.  Hey, we can look after ourselves if the urge gets strong.

With a crash, I suddenly found my friend on the floor.  Who knew this was the beginning of me being dominated and punished.

“What the fuck”? shouted my friend as she hit the floor with a bump.

Sadly, some asshole had collided with her while being drunk and suddenly she was feeling the bruise on her behind from his clumsy ways.  I made my way over to her and helped her get to her feet.  She was quite shaky but already getting feisty.  This was the beginning of my journey for the evening into being dominated and punished.

Subsequently, my friend decided that she was not going to let this go.

“Are you too drunk to know when you can’t walk for shit.  Maybe now is a time for you to put down the drink honey and head home”.

“Hey, wow, I said sorry.  What the hell is your problem, bitch”.

I tried to calm the situation down with humor, however it seemed to fail badly.  Next thing I know, there are blue lights flashing outside as one of the bar staff had decided to call the cops.  Well, shit, this just got a whole heap more serious.

As a result, a sexy cop came walking into the bar.  He seemed to be taking in what was going on around him.  Hey, his guess at this point was probably as good as mine.

“Okay people, can we just calm down.  Miss, can you tell me what has happened”? gesturing for me to explain the situation.

“Yeah, ha, seems that it has gotten a little bit out of control and sadly we are now arguing like children.  I am sorry officer that you have been called here for this, I am sure they will calm down in a minute”, I smiled sweetly, trying to defuse the situation quickly.

However, at this point, my friend and the guy she was arguing with had gotten even more heated.

“Holy shit, can you two please pack it in and act like adults, not brats”.  Sadly, it seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

“Miss, can I have a quiet word with you outside”.

I followed the officer to his car and sat reluctantly in the back seat.  Awesome night this was turning out to be.

“Miss, your friends need to calm down pretty quickly.  They are upsetting the other customers and I feel I may have to send them to jail for the night, to let them calm down”.

Oh fuck, this was getting out of hand now.

“I am really sorry officer, my friend is not normally like this.  Please, there must be something that I can do to help calm the situation down”.

“Well, you seem like a very caring friend, but, however this is a serious problem”.

“Yeah, I totally get it and I promise you that my friend is not normally like this.  Please, let me help out, whatever way I can”.

As a result of this, he told me to wait in the patrol car while he went back inside to check on the state of things.

Within a couple of minutes I could see this tall glass of sexiness walking back to the car.

“Things appear to have calmed down now inside, but your friend really has caused a few issues”, he said, while slowly lowering his gaze to my tight dress and ample tits.

“Please officer, I don’t want my friend getting into any trouble.  She has been having a tough time recently and was just letting off steam”.  I wriggled in my seat, just enough for my tight dress to inch up that little bit, showing off my supple thighs.

His gaze now traveled my body and I could see him licking his lips in anticipation.

“Okay, on one condition though, you have to suck my cock for me right now, in the back of the squad car”.

I sat there shocked.  Was I really hearing such things come from this sexy officer’s mouth?  Did he want to dominate and punish me?

Consequently, he slowly started to unzip his pants and a gorgeous cock appeared from within.  Standing erect and thick, it was quite a mouth watering sight to behold.

As a result, I kept my eyes locked on the naughty officer. Lowering my mouth to his cock, I slowly started to suck him.  Licking his cock and tasting all that yummy precum.  He closed his eyes and groaned in pure pleasure as he grabbed my head and pushed himself deeper into my mouth, making me gag on his size.  His cock was amazing!

Just like that he dominated me, forcing my mouth to move faster and faster, licking and sucking on his masterpiece of a cock.

I never thought I would be getting punished in such a sexy way for my friend.  Consequently, I could feel his cock starting to get harder, and pulse just enough to let me know that I was about to feel a rush of cum enter my mouth.

Holding onto the roof of the car, the officer cum hard in my mouth, pulling my hair and telling me what a filthy bitch I was.  To be fair, he was quite correct.

I was loving him using me like this.  Sexy fucker!

“Thank you for your assistance this evening Miss, you have helped me a great deal”, he smiled at me wickedly.

“Likewise, you are more than welcome officer”.

Easing myself out of the back of the patrol car, I subsequently walked back inside the bar.  Meanwhile, my friend’s were all having more drinks and flirting with more guys.

Should I tell them I was dominated?  In short, I feel I was happy just keeping my dirty little secret to myself.  Until now.

I hope you enjoyed my story of domination and punishment.  If you liked this, maybe you would like some of my other stories too.  To conclude, you can purchase a recorded blog for only $5.  Listen to my sexy voice read all of my adventures to you and get you ready for your next phone sex chat, with of of us lovely ladies.




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