Submissive Sex Stories: Random thoughts during time spent without you.


This is my personal story, one of many submissive sex stories.

The sound of her heartbeat echoing through her mind as she sat with her own thoughts. 

She sat waiting…

Waiting for the moment she could feel her soul awaken with his mere presence. The way he smelled stuck in her head like a fond memory, a memory she would forever crave. The taste of his skin etched in her mind, never to be forgotten. 

She belonged to him. He owned her… Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Never has she been so excited by the simple presence of a man who isn’t actually… In her presence. He has awakened something inside of her, a deep primal craving that can only be satiated by kneeling quietly at his feet, offering herself to him in every way.

Does he notice what he does to her, how she craves submissive sex stories with him?

The way her body reacts when he simply walks into a room? The beat of her heart as he touches her. Can he hear it too?

The look in her eyes as she follows his every move like he’s the most important person in the world. 

He is the most important person in her world. She worships him, her only desire to please him with her existence. 

Vulnerable, opening herself to him. The fate of her sanity in his hands. As she gives herself completely to him with each passing day he earns a little more of her soul. 

Does he know what he’s achieved? Is he aware of what he’s walking into as she sits, waiting? Waiting for the one person she wishes to give herself completely to. 

Does her realize just how far she will go? Her entire existence will become him as soon as he attaches that coveted collar to her neck. Something she longs for, to belong. 

Having given up so long ago, the mere thought of finding someone possibly worthwhile driving her to be better. 

Lighting the fire in her soul that was so long ago extinguished. Fear striking in the back of her mind as she thinks of the possibilities. 

Come talk to me, let’s see if we connect making our very own submissive sex stories.


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